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Photo Booth Marketing

Marketing your photo booth business doesn’t have to be hard or complex.  

Follow our simple steps and turn your business into a photo booth lead generating machine!

Build Your Marketing Funnel

Step 1: Increase customer awareness build your brand recognition.  Get your brand and website in front of your targeted market.

Step 2: Increase engagement with your brand & website. As potential customers interact with your marketing, they learn why they must have you as their photo booth vendor.

Step 3: Get them to subscribe to your business. Through email newsletters, requests for quotes, availability checks, and good old-fashioned lead magnets.

Step 4: Increase conversions. Increase the number and percentage of leads who give you time and money, getting more consultations and more bookings.

Want more Website Traffic?

Increase the amount of traffic you get to your website.

More targeted traffic = more requests for quotes and increased lead generation.

Get more visibility and traffic for your photo booth website through:

Photo Booth SEO

Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of SEO for photo booth companies.  Give your website proper structure and learn the best way to rank locally in your market.

Time and effort spent on SEO reaps great returns and provides you with free traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

As photo booth companies, every event that we do generates great media (photos, gifs, & videos), and is an opportunity to blog.

In addition to blogging your events, leverage highly targeted articles to increase awareness and attract your ideal customers.

Paid Traffic: Google Ads & Facebook Ads

The fastest way to generate traffic and awareness for your photo booth company is with paid ads.

Get the templates and methods used by the big guys to write ads that work, and avoid throwing money away.

Photo Booth Marketing

Traffic is the lifeblood of your photo booth website.

Get more qualified leads

Develop a customer avatar and identify who your IDEAL customer is.

Once you know who your ideal, most profitable customer is, now you can customize and tailor your marketing plan to attract more profitable customers, while repelling the pain-in-the-ass customers who suck your profits dry.

Qualified leads match your ideal customer profile, they are warmed up to the idea of hiring you, and they are ready to book your services.