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Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Tuesday afternoons, Vault Plus members have a live Zoom coaching call where you can see and learn whats working currently, and get direct coaching and guidance for your business.

Jump in the hot-seat and get some much needed 3rd party perspective on what’s stopping you from getting the results you want.

Live Challenges & Workshops

At least once per quarter (often times once a month) Vault Plus members can participate in an intensive 3-5 day “Challenge” or live workshop.

Each challenge takes on a different aspect of your business, from marketing, to sales, to hiring staff.

If you are finding it difficult fo make progress in your business, consider the Vault challenges like a mini boot camp or group class at your local cross-fit gym.

With step by step trainings and daily homework assignments, you’ll find the accountability you need to get things done.

Monthly Live Webinars

Every Month, the Photo Booth Vault hosts a live webinar for all members on topics crucial to the photo booth industry.

Your Vault Plus membership grants you access to join the hosts LIVE on Zoom for Q&A and bonus content before & after the webinars.

**Vault FREE level members can watch the webinars live in the Facebook group, but do not have the ability to interact with the hosts or Q&A sessions.

On Demand Videos & Training

Your Vault Plus membership includes access to the Vault Archive, a growing collection of on-demand videos and trainings covering all aspects of running a photo booth business.

Watch and learn from photo booth industry veterans and business owners who have been where you are, and faced the problems you are facing.

With over 9 hours (and growing) of video content…

And dozens of copy & paste templates for emails & contracts…

The Vault Archive is a veritable “business plan in a box” and can serve as your roadmap for success.

Get all these Business-Building Bonuses

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Marketing On Any Budget
($197 Value)

Chris Meyer of Booth Camp & The Slow Motion Booth presents a plethora of ways to market your photo booth business, no matter what your budget is. ($197 Value)

Email Marketing
($197 Value)

Take your photo booth marketing to the next level! Chris Meyer (Booth Camp/Slow Motion Booth) shares his email automation secrets. ($197 Value)

Art of the Upsell
($197 Value)

Once you have booked your client, how do you get them to spend more money with you? Find out and learn the Art of the Upsell and increase your average revenue per customer! ($197 Value)

Building Teams
($197 Value)

Running a successful photo booth business is a "team sport". Chris Meyer shares how to build teams to help your business win. ($197 Value)

Hiring and Training
($197 Value)

David Hobrath of Clear Choice Photo Booths walks you through when you should hire, who you should hire, and how to find people that don't suck. ($197 Value)

Black Friday Sale
($197 Value)

Aaron Abramson dropped this powerful webinar with Joe Bunn & Dominick Pirone in the DJs Vault, and we have it for you here! Learn the process that generates Aaron over $20,000 in bookings every Black Friday. ($197 Value)

Networking & Exposure Events
($197 Value)

Turn requests for you to donate your services for free exposure events & fundraisers into a money making marketing machine. ($197 Value)

iPad Photo Booths
($197 Value)

iPad photo booths have taken the industry by storm! Chris Meyer (Booth Camp/Slow Motion Booth) shares everything he does to market, promote, and leverage iPads in his business. ($197 Value)

($197 Value)

Snapbooth Consulting shares how to take your networking game to the next level and build strong relationships with other vendors in your area. ($197 Value)

Discounts and Deals on Must-Have photo Booth Products

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Photo Booth Backdrops
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What Is The Photo Booth Vault?

Whether you just bought a photo booth and you are trying to book your first event, or you are a seasoned boother with a fleet of photo booths and a large staff of attendants… The Photo Booth Vault has everything you need to help you achieve your next goal.

Membership comes with everything a photo booth owner needs, with up-to-date training on sales & marketing, to the latest technology trends in the industry.  We’ve got you covered!

The Photo Booth Vault will give you an unfair advantage over other companies in your market.

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