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Photo Booth Vault

Attention: Photo Booth Business Owners...

Do you want predictable and consistent bookings from customers you like working with?

But Frustrated With Your Lack Of New Leads or You’re Stuck Dealing With Tire Kickers And Getting Burned Out?

Introducing... The Photo Booth Vault!

Photo Booth Vault

4) Problem

Making people smile and creating fun moments captured on camera in your photo booth is why people start photo booth businesses.

The potential to get paid well for doing something that you love, and that is fun and rewarding is an even bigger motivator for most.

Unfortunately, the love of the technology, and the joy of working events is not enough to sustain a business long-term… especially with the frustrations of everything that goes into running a profitable business.

Why is that?

I’ll let you in on a little secret that very few in the photo booth industry is talking about…

Starting and running a successful photo booth business the "traditional" way takes a lot of work.

There, I said it.  It’s the truth, and anyone who runs a successful photo booth rental company knows that it’s true.

It’s not an easy thing to build a business that attracts new customers who are demanding to pay you for your services.

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5) Product

I’m Aaron Abramson, and I grew my photo booth company from 1 DIY photo booth to having 8 photo booths going out

Who Am I and Why on earth
should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Aaron Abramson, founder of the Photo Booth Vault and I’ve been 

From running 

My entertainment company produced over 2,100 events in 2019, and even though we were hit hard by the pandemic, 

During this time my framework has enabled me to continue generating consistent high-quality leads and booking events.

My methodology and approach is focused on building systems in your business to consistently and reliably attract your ideal customers and turn them into booked clients and raving fans.

Now that I have Your Attention...
Let me ask you this:

Question: Does your business get new leads or requests for information on a daily basis?

Question: Do you have a predictable booking system in place that consistently converts your leads?

Question: Do you have an email campaign that automatically follows up with leads and guides them to the decision that they absolutely must book YOU for their event?

Question: Are your photo booths fully booked every weekend?

Question: Do you have a new booking campaign that not only excites your clients…

… it deepens your connection with them

Turning them into multi-buyers who add-on additional or repeat services AND

Turns them into raving fans?

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above,
then keep reading because today can be the last
time you answer "No" and start to answer "YES"


The Photo Booth Vault

Teaches you EXACTLY how to attract and convert your IDEAL photo booth client consistently and predictably… EVERY TIME

Photo Booth Vault Logo

The Photo Booth Vault is ideal for the photo booth business owner who is fed up with lack of quality leads.

Who is stressed and burned out doing

6) Proof

Aaron and the whole Photo Booth Vault is really a cool experience, we are so enjoying it. My head is spinning because I have so much work to do, but I'm so glad because I have something I can sink my teeth into. The changes that we make push our business further and further, and the Photo Booth Vault is a big part of that.

Phillip Wexler

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6) Pull

What's your investment to join us in the Photo Booth Vault?

The normal monthly membership is just $49 per month.


For a limited time, you can join the Photo Booth Vault and enjoy ALL of the member benefits INCLUDING ___ for just $1 for the next 21 days.

Here's how to activate your 21 day trial

Click HERE to activate your 21 day trial you pay a ONE time payment of just $1.

You’ll have immediate access to the Photo Booth Vault, all of the current bonuses, and an all access pass to every area of the Photo Booth Vault for the next 21 days.

Then after 21 days, and only if you are happy being a member, we will automatically charge you just $27 per month.

This is the lowest price that I offer the Membership at.

You Can Cancel at ANY Time.

Here’s the best part, at any time during the 21 day trial, you don’t think the Photo Booth Vault is for you, then you can cancel, and you will NEVER be charged again.

If you’re not completely satisfied, I don’t deserve your money. AND you can keep all of the bonuses you received when you joined.

As a member, if you wish to cancel in the future, then you can cancel at any time and your monthly membership payment will be stopped immediately.

You can cancel by emailing, or by clicking the “Cancel Account” button inside your membership area.

To activate your trial and to start taking the steps towards building a photo booth business that generates bookings on its own and runs like a well oiled machine, then click the button below.


You want bookings without the headache of tire-kickers wasting your time.

The quicker you get started, the quicker you’ll see results.

The framework within the Photo Booth Vault is simple and straightforward, with step by step guides designed for anyone who offers photo booth rentals.

The old saying “The Early Bird Gets The Worm” also applies to photo booth rental companies… there are people planning events who want a photo booth, and SOMEONE’S company is going to get the lead and book the client.

You want to make sure that it is YOUR company that they must have at their event, so DO NOT wait until someone else leverages this framework in your local market.

My Guarantee

I promise you, that if you follow the framework and take the actions in your business, you will see results.

It’s as simple as that.

Everything inside the Photo Booth Vault is designed to support you along the way.

  • Step By Step Guides
  • Weekly Coaching Calls where you can get specific coaching on your business
  • Proven models of success that have been time tested and proven by companies who have been where you are

What's Next?

The Membership Process:

Once you activate your trial account on the payment page, you will be emailed a username and password.

You need to click the link in your email and log into the membership site in order to activate and access your bonuses.

P.S. This is a no-brainer: you’ll get a complete framework for your photo booth business that will have