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Photo Booth Vault
"In a Covid19 world, photo booth companies, more than ever, need every advantage they can get to thrive in business."
Aaron Abramson
Founder, Photo Booth Vault

Everything Has Changed

Every year, the live events industry has grown. For many photo booth companies, 2020 started out looking like it was going to be the best year ever.  But then Covid19 hit and pulled the rug out from many of us.  Now, more than ever, small businesses need the resources and tools to market themselves in a digital, virtual world.

With a vaccine on the horizon, and events expected to come back in force, the businesses equipped to capitalize on opportunities will be the ones on top.  Don’t be left behind, now is the time to work ON your business, building the foundational systems to carry you through anything the world throws at you.

That's Why We Created The Photo Booth Vault!

Weekly Coaching

This is not something for you to buy and then “hopefully get around to it”.  This is a program where we give you LIVE weekly coaching sessions to give you actionable tasks to improve your business every week.

Digital Archive

Get instant access to a wealth of bonus content, as well as an archive of all of the trainings & coaching sessions done in the Vault.

Community Support

We are a growing community of like-minded photo booth business operators, with a high standard of quality.

Here's what you can expect to learn inside the Photo Booth Vault...

  • What's Working

    Learn from others in the Industry what's working currently. Whether events are happening in your area or not, there are things you can be doing now to generate revenue.

  • Digital Marketing & Virtual Events

    In a world of Zoom meetings and working from home, more people than ever are buying online and interacting virtually. In addition to doing virtual events, get a leg-up on your digital marketing game and close sales virtually as well.

  • Templates & Cheat Sheets

    Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to your business. Use our growing repository of copy & paste templates, cheat-sheets, and documents.

What you do NOW will have everything to do with whether or not your Thrive in 2021!

Aaron and the whole Photo Booth Vault is really a cool experience, we are so enjoying it. My head is spinning because I have so much work to do, but I'm so glad because I have something I can sink my teeth into. The changes that we make push our business further and further, and the Photo Booth Vault is a big part of that.

Phil Wexler

FotoBoyz Experiential Marketing

It's about Improving EVERY aspect of your business


Creating Awareness And Generating Customer Interest


Converting Leads Into Paying Customers


Delivering What You Promise To Your Customers In A Highly Profitable Way


Contracts, Payments, Invoicing... Getting Paid For What You Do Is Important


Hiring, Training, And Retaining Top-Notch Employees To Build Your Business

Just A Few Of The BONUSES Inside The Vault Plus

Marketing On Any Budget
($197 Value)

Chris Meyer of Booth Camp & The Slow Motion Booth presents a plethora of ways to market your photo booth business, no matter what your budget is. 

Email Marketing
($197 Value)

Take your photo booth marketing to the next level! Chris Meyer (Booth Camp/Slow Motion Booth) shares his email automation secrets. 

Art of the Upsell
($197 Value)

Once you have booked your client, how do you get them to spend more money with you? Find out and learn the Art of the Upsell and increase your average revenue per customer! 

Building Teams
($197 Value)

Running a successful photo booth business is a "team sport". Chris Meyer shares how to build teams to help your business win.

Hiring and Training
($197 Value)

David Hobrath of Clear Choice Photo Booths walks you through when you should hire, who you should hire, and how to find people that don't suck. 

Black Friday Sale
($197 Value)

Aaron Abramson dropped this powerful webinar with Joe Bunn & Dominick Pirone in the DJs Vault, and we have it for you here! Learn the process that generates Aaron over $20,000 in bookings every Black Friday. 

Networking & Exposure Events
($197 Value)

Turn requests for you to donate your services for free exposure events & fundraisers into a money making marketing machine. 

iPad Photo Booths
($197 Value)

iPad photo booths have taken the industry by storm! Chris Meyer (Booth Camp/Slow Motion Booth) shares everything he does to market, promote, and leverage iPads in his business. 

($197 Value)

Snapbooth Consulting shares how to take your networking game to the next level and build strong relationships with other vendors in your area. 

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John Doe



It’s time to step up.

The world didn’t end, it just paused temporarily, and it’s time to get to work.

Looking at every aspect of your business, what’s working, what’s not working, and authentically and without shame acknowledging what needs to be addressed.

It’s time to be in action, taking the baby steps that will bring you forward towards your goal of having the best year ever in 2021.

More leads, more consultations, more bookings, and higher priced bookings… these are the targets we are aiming at.

I invite you to join me inside the Photo Booth Vault, this is the perfect time to take action.

Sign up now, and together we can make 2021 your best year ever.

At your service,

Aaron Abramson

Aaron Abramson