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Photo Booth Website Design & SEO

If you want to grow your photo booth business, the first place to start is with your website design and SEO.

Marketing your Photo Booth Company Starts with your Website

You have a photo booth company, and you want to generate more business…

First you need to take a good hard look at your website, it is the foundation on which your online marketing efforts will be built upon.

Your company website serves an important purpose, not only is it a brochure for your services, it is a sales tool to capture leads so you can book your photo booth more often.

Table of Contents

Content Management System & Hosting

Start with a good CMS (Content Management System)

There are many places to build a photo booth website, Wix, Squarespace, or if you’re absolutely old-school by hand with HTML and a text editor…

But the best CMS for your event rental company is WordPress.

WordPress is a FREE, open-source content management system and blogging engine, and it is the most popular CMS on the internet.  In fact, Google even recommends that you use WordPress for your website because of the structured nature of it, it is beneficial for SEO.

You can host it on any web host, but I recommend that you choose a managed WordPress host like WPEngine.

* This is an affiliate link, by signing up for WP Engine, the Photo Booth Vault receives a comission.

Website Hosting for Photo Booth Companies

Here at the Photo Booth Vault, we recommend WP Engine as your managed WordPress web hosting provider.

With automatic WordPress updates and plugin upgrades, WP Engine is a host with a focus on security and speed.

And with Google penalizing slow loading website, you want to make sure you have a fast loading website, and WP Engine provides that and more with its integrated content delivery network (CDN).

The Photo Booth Vault is proudly hosted by WP Engine.


Website Layout & Structure

Every Page Has ONE Purpose

It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you design your website, every pages should have 1 single primary purpose.

The purpose may be different for each page, but each page still only has ONE single purpose.

The purposes may be:

  • To filter and direct a visitor to another page (like a directory)
  • To capture a lead.
  • To provide information



The purpose of your homepage is to filter and act as a directory, getting your visitors to where they want to go. IE if they are planning a wedding, or planning a corporate event, they should be able to quickly and easily navigate to the page that is most relevant for them.


The purpose of your “Contact Us” page is to collect the visitors information and collect the lead.


The purpose of your “Photo Booth Rental” page is to provide information about your photo booth services.  And it should have a strong call-to-action to contact you for more information or to secure a booking.

Blogging & Content Marketing

Make a Photo Booth Event Blog

One of the best parts of running a photo booth business, is that every single event that you do creates great media for you to use in your marketing.

By definition, a photo booth takes pictures, and if you provide a good high-quality service, then you should have hundreds (if not THOUSAND) of great photos, videos, and GIFs to use in your marketing.

Photos and videos are HUGE on social media, just take a look at the popularity of social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Every single event that you send your photo booth rentals to should be blogged.

Think of it like a gig blog, you post a recap of the event, where it was, who it was for, what services you provided, and showcase some of the pictures and videos taken at the event.


Why blog every event?

“Do I really need to blog every event?” – The answer is No… but Yes.

It may seem daunting at first to write a blog post for every event that you do, and that’s OK.

Soon enough you will get into a rhythm, or habit of doing it and it will become second nature. Or you can also hire someone or outsource the blogging for you.

The reason why you should blog every photo booth event that you do is for multiple reasons:

  • It serves as a portfolio of past events, to give new & future clients an idea of what to expect for your services, and get ideas and inspiration.
  • It helps tell Google what your website is about, and related to, and is a part of photo booth SEO, helping. you rank better and generate more traffic.

As you start creating event posts on your photo booth website, you will be building a foundation.  Soon you will reach a point where instead of blogging every event, you will only need to blog the fun & important events that you want to showcase.

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